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New Trainer Q and A

The below is divided not into specific questions, but general subjects to which questions usually arise.  Please send an email to for detailed specfics.  Otherwise click on a subject of curiosity below to be taken to that section.




Finding Students


The Process

If you are interested in getting started as a Nimble Guidance Trainer, simply send a copy of your resume to along with a message stating your interest in training and SAFe® in general. A followup note will be sent back to arrange for a short telephone interview.

The interview is meant to be a time where both Nimble Guidance and you can ask any questions about the process of training, the content of the courses, philosophies regarding agile methods, or whatever else comes to mind related to moving forward with your training journey.

Provided the decision is to move forward, Nimble Guidance and you will enter into an agreement where you will be able to use the company logo and resources to help you facilitate as much or as little training as your schedule allows. Nimble Guidance will help guide you in moving forward and ensuring that you have the tools and support you need to give SAFe® classes in your location of choice.

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Trainers are paid on a sliding scale based on the number of students who attend classes they teach. They are also eligible for the Referral Bonus Program offered by Nimble Guidance to supplement their earnings. Combining these, a small class (< 10 students) will earn a trainer several hundred dollars, and a large class (>20 students) could earn them three thousand dollars or more. Not bad for one weekend’s work!

The full details of compensation by class size will be available in the independent contractors agreement the trainer and Nimble Guidance will enter into before classes begin to ensure there are no ambiguities about payments.

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Reimbursable expenses

Within limits, nearly all expenses incurred for serving as a Nimble Guidance Course Trainer will be covered by Nimble Guidance for you. This includes 100% of the ordering, processing, and shipping of all SAFe® workbook material and the procurement of associated licenses from the Scaled Agile Framework®

It is Nimble Guidance policy that catering be part of the training experience. The continental breakfast helps allow for meet and greet time with the students prior to the class start. Having lunch with the students, if at all possible, allows them to ask questions of the trainer not covered in the course itself. Given food and a venue are required for a course to happen, either you or Nimble Guidance will have to find these where you want to hold your class. If you want Nimble Guidance to find and procure these for you in your location of choice, a small fee will be charged for this service. However, you may also find and pay for your own venue and catering, and submit your receipts for reimbursement after the class completes.

The full details on reimbursement, and considerations by class size will be available in the independent contractors agreement the trainer and Nimble Guidance will enter into before classes begin to ensure there are no ambiguities about what is reimbursable.

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Finding Students / Class Sizes

The maximum class size you can run is 25 students. This is because above that number and individuals may be lost in the conversation and not get the experience that the courses intend to deliver. A small class can actually bring out ideas and comments from individuals who would in other circumstances stay silent. Nimble Guidance trainers have run classes with as few as 3 students and been successful in keeping them engaged and getting them certified. Special attention to role playing by the trainer is needed in smaller classes based on the exercises which are to be done, but this turns into an amusing situation in most cases.  Keeping fun in the learning process is important in making concepts stick in students memories in the longer term in any case!

Finding students can be challenging, but Nimble Guidance can provide help in this area as well. Nimble Guidance will help with advertising in your locality, as well as offer reimbursement should you decide to advertise on your own (limitations apply).

As a general rule, most larger corporations have training departments that will train their own employees for little or nothing out of the students own pocket. Therefore Nimble Guidance concentrates recruitment efforts on employees of smaller companies without such an advantage, as well as contract employees. Contractors both independent and employed by firms who offer contractors as a main revenue source often have difficulties finding affordable training opportunities locally. This is where you and Nimble Guidance come into the picture and help these people gain the certifications that they want!

Nimble Guidance will support you in finding students for your courses using local advertisements, and through the use of the referral bonus program, as well as offering support through all available communication channels.

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Class Cancellation policies

The Nimble Guidance Cancellation policy is found on the ‘Training’ page off the main website menu. As a trainer, you have a responsibility to Nimble Guidance and any students who have signed up for classes to ensure it is clear whether a class will be given as scheduled.

Ensure you are very familiar with the statements under the section ‘Training Cancellation by Sponsor’ and think ahead if you think a class may turn out to have low enrollment, or that personal commitments may not allow you to teach a course. Provided the communication is there, Nimble Guidance will work with you to postpone a class, or even supply a stand in for you if it is too late to cancel or move the class outright.

As an experienced trainer, Nimble Guidance may at some point call on you to fill in for another trainer who at the last minute needed to cancel. There is no obligation to be a fill in, and the hope is that this situation will be rare. It pays to be prepared, and Agile, in any case.

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