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Be a SAFe® Trainer

As a company dedicated to furthering the Scaled Agile Framework® and associated methods, Nimble Guidance, LLC wants all eligible SPC4s to be able to teach and train as many practitioners as possible. After all, more awareness about the best ways to build software will lead to more great software, and in turn benefit everyone in need of better ways to be productive and / or entertained. Therefore, Nimble Guidance needs you, the SAFe® Program Consultant, to help spread SAFe® knowledge as far as you are able to!

Getting Started

You can help others learn the necessary information to qualify for Scaled Agile Framework certification. If you are registered as a trainer on the SAFe® community site, Nimble Guidance can help set you up to be a successful trainer in the field. We believe if you are reading this that you are a motivated individual dedicated to Agile method execution and have a high regard for the Scaled Agile Framework® and the methodologies it promotes. We know you can be successful!

It all starts with sending a message via our contacts page, or an email to with your resume stating your interest and a general statement of your goals in becoming a SAFe® trainer. Discussion will start from there to understand the details of your situation and how best to get you started.

  1. Support

  2. Provided you want to become a Nimble Guidance Trainer, you will be provided the use of the Nimble Guidance trademarked logo for local advertising, as well as being provided advertising for your courses on the Nimble Guidance web site and associated Eventbrite postings. All course license fees and shipping of copyrighted course material to your location will be paid for by Nimble Guidance.  Further, within generous limits the rental of the venue to hold the course in, the catering for the event, and the required teaching supplies you need will be paid for or reimbursed as well.*  In short, Nimble Guidance wants to be sure funding is not an obstacle to starting you teaching courses as soon as you can.
  3. As students sign up for classes they will receive welcoming letters from Nimble Guidance staff and regular updates from them up to the actual class date. Any questions on the details of the arrangement between Nimble Guidance, LLC and its trainers can be asked during the interview that will be scheduled based on your statement of interest.  You can also find more detail on the new trainer Q&A page on this site.
  4. We are hoping to hear from you soon, and that you will join us on our journey to relentlessly improve SAFe® team’s methods to build better software!
  5. *Inquire via the contacts page for information on limitations on cost coverages and reimbursement or other class size dependent terms, or see the new trainer Q&A page expenses section