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Achieving your SAFe® certification is a feat to be proud of. By doing so, you earn mufti-industry worldwide recognition as an expert in proven software development methodologies. The collection of case studies describing the benefits of implementing practices based on the Scaled Agile Framework is testament to the effectiveness of people like you who are working to achieve better software development results.

Once you take our SAFe certification course, it is our hope that you will want your other technology-proficient friends to benefit from the training. Nimble Guidance also gives students and believers incentive to get people they know educated in SAFe® methods by offering a referral bonus to those who encourage students to sign up for classes. Each person who refers a student or students who enrolls in a Nimble Guidance class will receive $50 for that referral. Here’s how it works:

  1. 1.  You provide the name and email address of a person or persons you have referred to Nimble Guidance for taking a class by sending a note to
  2. 2.  Nimble Guidance will confirm that the person or persons with the matching name and email address has signed up and paid for one of the Nimble Guidance classes on offer.
  3. 3.  Once the class to which the person or persons was referred ends, provided those persons attended and participated, a check for $50 per person referred will be mailed to you!  There is not even a requirement that you attend the class yourself, though we encourage colleagues to take courses together to make the course material more meaningful to your particular context.  Further, if you are in attendance, the instructor will hand you your bonus check when the class concludes.  No waiting!

That is all. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer*  One referral will earn you $50, and each additional referral will add $50 on to that. Help your friends, your IT organization, and yourself by referring a student to Nimble Guidance today!

*Currently maximum class size is up to 25 students and the actual maximum is dependent on the course being given and venue where it is held.  An individual student can only be referred by one other person at a time for one specific class.  Referrals will not be accepted after the start of the class to which a student candidate is being referred.  Referral bonuses will not be provided to organizations receiving group discount pricing.